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'Khana Pakana' - Indian Recipes on DVD

This DVD is the first of a series of instructional DVDs on the Indian cuisine offered in response to an ever increasing interest in recipes as shown on The "Vancouver Masala" television show.

Khana Pakana - Vol 1, is now available. It comprises of four sections, namely, Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian, Side Dishes and Desserts. Other volumes focusing on easy to make recipes from the vast Indian cuisine are in production. In each DVD, Roger Sahai demonstrates his culinary secrets & techniques in detail, allowing you to create, in your home kitchen, the flavors of the Indian mouthwatering cuisine. Roger Sahai's warm, positive approach encourages everyone to create tasty, heathy meals. The classes are presented in well-defined chapters. You can scan ahead or back to view specific topics and methods. A booklet, included inside the DVD case, contains the detailed recipes.

KP cover   KP back cover

Recipes on this DVD:

Vegetarian Recipes:

1. Aloo Gobi (potatoes with cauliflower)

2. Muttor Paneer (Peas with cheese)

3. Channa Masala (Chick Peas with spices)

4. Shahi Paneer (Cheese with spices)

Indian Desserts:

1. Gajerala

Non Vegetarian Recipes:

1. Tandoori Chicken

2. Chicken Curry

3. Amarsari Machi (fish in Amarsari style)

4. Goat Curry

5. Shrimp Korma

6. Chicken Tikka

Side Dishes:

1. Batura

2. Rice Pulav

3. Paratha

4. Puri                                      


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